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The impacts of climate change on food production in the western balkan region edited by zsuzsanna ivanyi regional environmental center for central and eastern europe july 2011 this document was produced under the project impacts of climate change on food production in the western balkan region, financed by the government of japan. Climatic variability and change directly affect agricultural production and food security given that most of the population in kenya lives in the rural areas and relies on agriculture for its livelihoods. Its an honor to be invited to speak to you about climate change and the future of food production. Thus, learning to adapt our food production systems to a rapidly changing climate is critical to ensuring security of the global food supply and political stability. A brief guide to the impacts of climate change on food. Climate change can undermine development agriculture. Climate change is one of many factors that might lead to new food safety risks many countries do not have the basic elements of a food control system properly in place. Assessing impacts and opportunities draft document 2 report authors and contributors executive summary 1. Global and regional health effects of future food production under climate change. Population at risk of hunger, with and without climate change 36 10.

Food production on land and in water is inherently sensitive to climate. Future climate change impact on food and agriculture create greater. Food and climate change report, page 6 1 executive summary 1. Global warming climate change leads to sealevel rise with its attendant consequences, and includes. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries will not only be affected by climate change. Introduction as climate change brings warmer temperatures and increasingly erratic and volatile weather and rainfall patterns, the effects on food production will be felt. Impacts of droughts on livestock numbers in selected african countries, 1981 to 1999 22 table 3.

In this activity students explore the potential climate change risks to food security around australia. In posthuntergatherer societies, extrasomatic energy has greatly expanded and intensi. Ella mckinley, ethics analyst at australian ethical investment. Food quality at risk if climate change continues, study says april 8, 2014 1. Climate change on food production systems in china through its national major scienti. Food quality at risk if climate change continues, study says. How will agriculture and food production be affected.

Food, livestock production, energy, climate change, and health anthony j mcmichael, john w powles, colin d butler, ricardo uauy food provides energy and nutrients, but its acquisition requires energy expenditure. This document and all individual sections herein may be cited as follows. Gardiner global food systems lecture kansas state university greg page, executive director. The paper examines the key interactions between temperature. Climate change and food production systems 161 information on the impact of high levels of temperature rise on the yields of major crops in all regions has.

Of further concern is the impact of climate change on the prevalence of environmental contaminants and chemical residues in the food chain. These potential food safety impacts are described in section 4. In particular, it seeks to draw attention to wider issues of food systems beyond food production, to highlight the distribution of climaterelated. Impacts of climate change on population at risk of hunger in 2050, by region 36 9.

How does climate change alter agricultural strategies to. Climate change is already affecting nutrition security through different causal pathways that impact food security, livelihoods, household food access. A fresh look at livestock greenhouse gas emissions and. A 2020 perspective i about this report for the last 20 years, scientists at the intergovernmental panel on climate change ipcc have. It will have an impact on human health, livelihood assets, food production and distribution channels, as well as changing.

Smallholder farmers, pastoralists and fishers especially vulnerable as their production systems often lack the. Food production is by far the largest user of global freshwater11 supplies, with agriculture being responsible for 70 % of consumption12. This change of climate will severely affect agriculture worldwide. Effects of climate change on global food production. The food and agriculture organization fao and others project that global agriculture production must double by 2050 to close the gap between food supply and demand. Effects of climate variability and change on agricultural. International climate change negotiations and agriculture. We explore each of these aspects of food security in the context of climate change below. However the agricultural growth for poverty reduction and food security needed for the next two. Employment in agriculture as share of total employment, by. With july clocking in as the hottest month on earth in recorded history and extreme weather ramping up globally, farmers are facing the brunt of climate change in croplands and pastures around the world here in the u. Climate change, global warming, environment, food, agriculture this journal published an article by bellarby et al. Industrial activities related to food systems require approximately 26 % of the eus energy consumption. Effects of tropical deforestation on climate and agriculture.

Agriculture and climate the critical connection institute for. Food security and climate change in australia cool australia. Climate change ipcc defines climate change as a change in the state of climate that can be identified by changes in the mean andor the variability of its properties, and that persists for an extended period, typically decades or longer isdr, 2008. Implications for production incentives and international trade disciplines.

Climate change and food systems food and agriculture. This project, coordinated by the chinese academy of agricultural sciences, is expected to analyze and understand the complex impacts of climate change on chinas food production system in a holistic and systematic way. Forwardlooking companies can move now to encourage more sustainable diets by reducing reliance on meat and growing the market for plantbased protein alternatives. What are the effects on food production from climate change climatic changes have resulted in variable rainfall in many area of the world today. Climate change and its impact on food and nutrition.

Changes in temperature and precipitation can shift the range and incidence of vectorborne diseases infrastructure and ecosystems. Future climate change will make an impact upon food production. Agricultural production, including indirect emissions associated with landcover change. Agriculture climate change poses major risks erratic temperatures, precipitation changes, rising sea levels and the increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events. Potential impacts of climate change on food systems and food security, and possible adaptive responses 14 table 2. Climate changes effect on agricultural production is of utmost concern. Students are asked to compare the risks to food production in their state or territory with the risks to another state or territory and to produce a map or infographic that shares the results of their research.

Climate change and food security food and agriculture. Annual average net emissionsremovals from afolu in co 2 equivalent 39 12. Dangour,5 and peter huybers2,3 1department of environmental health, harvard t. Climate change increases the overall risk of hunger and undernutrition 7, 23 and challenges the realization of the human rights to health and adequate food 24, 25.

Present day, worst case and best case scenarios 37 11. Reducing poverty and food insecurity over this period is in fact, an essential element of adapting to climate change, since it is the key means of reducing vulnerability and increasing the resilience of people to withstand and respond to climate change. Climate change and the future of food production cargill. Series energy and health 5 food, livestock production. The impacts of global climate change on food systems are expected to be widespread, complex. What are the risks for nutrition, diets, and food systems. Demand is driven by population growth and developing world consumers adding more protein to their diets.

Policy statement climate change has far reaching implications for. On the other hand, agriculture contributes up to about 30% of the anthropogenic ghg emissions that drive climate change. Food production accounts for 60 % of global terrestrial biodiversity loss. Making climate choices 30 how does science inform emissions choices. Climate change and agricultural production climate expert. Potential impacts on food security and undernutrition samuel s. However the food production increases are just based on climate crop computer models, and in the real world they are not going to happen. This paper analyses the global consequences to crop yields, production, and risk of hunger of linked socioeconomic and climate scenarios. Agricultural technologies for climate change mitigation. Climate change and food systems sustainable development.

Researchers from the international food policy research institute ifpri have published an extensive report highlighting the effects of climate change on agriculture and global nutrition. Climate change and agriculture are inextricably linked. The impacts of climate change on food production in the. Climate change has already cut into the global food supply and is fuelling wars and natural disasters, but governments are unprepared to protect those most at risk, according to a report from the. What are the effects on food production from climate change. The 20 us federal climate change assessment says us food security is good to 2050 after which american food production will decline. A global problem requires a global solution there is compelling case that the current global food system, propelled by an increasingly powerful transnational food industry, is responsible for around half of all human produced greenhouse gas emissions. Effectsofclimatechangeonglobalfoodproductionundersres.

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