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The linemen still count their defenders to the play side when determining their responsibilities. Understanding the zone blocking scheme new, 30 comments its the offseason, and teams around the league are back in. Inside and outside zone can break any where so it is imperative that all linemen know that call side and backside blocking assignments are crucial. The first thing i noticed when i started looking into the inside zone run play was that there were a whole bunch of different ways to teach who to block. Why the inside zone scheme is all you need ron mckie. This offseason, however, i received requests to explain the scheme again. Part of the video lists zone objectives, or microgoals if you will, that explain exactly how zone blocking works. Playbook is based around inside and outside zone, simple terminology. Teaching running backs how to run the inside zone fishduck. Take the same stagger that you use in a 3 point stance squat down with knees inside your ankles ram rod you back place hands on your thighs weight 5050 on insteps 21. The zone blocking scheme can be distilled down to two plays.

Chip kellys numerical system to zone blocking breaking. Simple play calling system apple for inside zone, orange for outside zone. As you can see, theres a lot you can do with inside zone, and you only have to teach your offensive lineman one blocking scheme and two tags. Trio formation allows you to get into several other formations with only having to move the h. Thats why virtually every team runs it and why so many rely upon it to be the foundation of their offensive system. In a zone blocking scheme, fleetfootedness and athletic ability trump size as desirable qualities in offensive linemen. The blocking playside is even more important during an inside zone run than outside zone run. The inside zone is one of the main inside plays of the zone blocking scheme.

Alex gibbs, the godfather of the modern zone blocking. Today i go over how to block the inside zone read against an even front. Below, i explain how that method translate into oneonone blocks in the inside zone. Zone blocking is a technique that is a simple and effective scheme for creating lanes for running plays. Zone six inch, 45 step playside, keeping toes pointed forward. In reality, the offense is hoping that the defense has committed to stopping the outside rush by sliding with the play. So with tennessee adopting a 100% zone blocking scheme, i felt it was a good time to go through some of the basic concepts of zone blocking so that we can have a more intelligent conversation on it.

Offensive line drills how to teach zone blocking with the sled. The article goes on to explain that gases offense is more about finding ways to exploit matchups than it is defined by terms like zoneblocking scheme, but that is. Zone inside and outside zone is not a man blocking scheme but rather an area or zone blocking scheme. I talk about the run pass options we us when running the inside zone. Whats most effective about teaching this methodology is that the front that the defense presents is irrelevant. Why the inside zone scheme is all you need ron mckie football. A quick primer on the inside zone the iz is an inside run play predicated on inducing the defense to overpursue a play in an effort to stop the ball carrier from reaching the perimeter. I looked over the article pdf from above a really found it interesting.

The play features a zone blocking concept up front that allows the running back the freedom to identify a seam and run to it just like an inside zone, but adds an option concept that forces the defense to account for the quarterback both to the outside and on the inside on a midline version. The blocking techniques, though, are different, as the plays are designed to get the defense moving laterally across the. The inside zone play is taught at all levels of ball all across the country, but. Many zone teams begin by focusing on the outside zone. The outside zone uses the same blocking rules as the inside zone. The basics of auburns inside zone run college and magnolia. Why almost every team runs inside zone football study hall. How to coach the inside zone run scheme pro style spread. The key to good offensive football is having a balanced attack with equal amounts of running and passing. It is a groundandpound play, forged from basic mathematics. These are similar to inside zone rules in that they use the covereduncovered read and playside direction. While inside zone can be a physical scheme when it emphasizes double teams on dl and lead runs like iso have their value in making linebackers decide if theyre about that blow up the block life. Horizontal displacement is where your guys are blocking the down linemen left or right. The purpose is to stop penetration, create move ment on the first level, and seal off the playside or filling linebacker on the second level.

That reason is why chip kellys numerical system to zone blocking is a much more simple method to zone blocking. The ultimate guide to inside zone blocking pro style. Coordination and technique matter more than muscle in implementing a successful scheme because defensive linemen are often doubleteamed at the point of attack. The playside te zone steps and kicks out the solb making sure his shoulders are parallel to the runners original path.

Fortunately there is a simple way to block the inside zone that only requires you to be able to count to 3. Like all running plays, the goal is to get a hat on a hat and have one. Power six inch lateral step inside, keeping toes pointed forward. There are two schools of thought on blocking the inside zone vertical displacement or horizontal displacement. The outside rush is good for a modest gain, but is not the home run for a zone run. The receivers are now blocking their coverage as well.

On an inside zone play, we have more of a vertical thought process though we know that the defense will likely react initially to stretch because we have worked to establish that play. Vertical displacement is were you focus on doubleteaming the down linemen into the laps of the linebackers. Get 1st level movement dl with eyes on 2nd level lb. For more information on the zone blocking scheme, im just going to link sal capaccios video primer to inside zone and outside zone. Ill focus on the wide zone, because thats more iconic to what gibbs. With the emphasis on the passing game and the evolution of 8man fronts and zone blitzing defenses, it has become more and more difficult to be able to effectively run the. Zone gap combo man you have to end up blocking someone box drill feet drive finish. Many coaches teach the inside zone an interior play that will hit within the tackle box and the outside zone a perimeter run scheme in two separate ways, but i try to combine the same blocking schemes in both runs. How in the world could i figure out which way to run inside zone was. Outside zone blocking coaching youth football tips, talk.

In theory, both zone plays rely on a vertical stretch by the defense in which it is the running backs assignment to find an. On the combo block in power and counter trey, the inside covered ol will use a base step with his inside foot and the outside uncovered ol will use an angle step. Sure, some teams have chosen to man block the play, 73. Chip kelly explains the zone read as part of the oregon spread offense, along with facets of zone blocking and tips for the running back. Inside zone all22 cutups when you are ready to advance to the next level of inside zone, you can start to immerse yourself in tags. In 2016, we originally wrote a football 101 breakdown of the zone blocking scheme. Understanding the zone blocking scheme field gulls. Howard university offensive line drills inside zone techniques duration. Below i will explain the chip kelly method and than i will explain the differences in the 2 systems and why it makes the blocking not only easier for the players but the play calling easier for the coaches.

They work on this stuff all the time in 2 on 2 pod group blocking drills. The inside zone is a powerful blocking scheme that looks to attacks primarily between the tackles and with the intention of providing gaps through vertical displacement. Maximizing the outside zone blocking scheme one of the most common ways the outside zone has been used is from under center with the stretch play. When an offensive lineman is blocking back or down on a dl in a solo block, he will use the bucket step. This concept was made famous by the denver broncos and their legendary offensive line coach alex gibbs. Tags are basically a simple word you add to the play call that usually makes one simple change to the play. Our inside zone blocking principle requires linemen to block a particular man first and to zone if uncovered. Blocking for run plays can be categorized as either gap or zone. Zone blocking is a running scheme in which the offensive linemen block gaps, rather than a power blocking scheme where each lineman is responsible for a specific defender. This article covers what is about perhaps the most widely used run play in all of football. Once that is established and the defense is flowing fast to the sideline, the offense comes back with the inside zone. While in stretch, both covered and uncovered blockers take a lateral step to the play side. Effective zone blocking techniques in the running game. The offensive line typically flows to one side of the field in unison, with blocking responsibilities developing as.

Watch it and learn in a clear, straightforward manner. The inside zone is one of footballs great equalizers. You must attempt to cover every possible situation that may arise in a game and instruct the players on how to react. Blocking inside zone read against an even front youtube.

But before we get into the blocking assignments, lets first look at the 4 key concepts of blocking the inside zone that will guide the strategies we will be using in both design and execution. The basics of blocking a 33 stack defense are pretty simple for inside zone teams. On an inside zone run the uncovered offensive linemen blocking the linebackers will have a large effect on the play even when there is not a cutback by the tailback, notice in the diagram below that if the linebackers are not blocked that they. Power usually has both features, a double team at the point of attack meant to drive a dl off the ball and then a lead blocker coming around. The ultimate guide to inside zone blocking pro style spread. Just like the inside zone, the outside zone utilizes a full zone scheme. Because of the simple nature of inside zone blocking and the fact that it targets the middle of the field as well as most any run scheme available, inside zone is easily adaptable to any formation, style, or playmaker. Gap running plays are designed to get the running back through a specific gap in the line. First, there is only so much zoning in a zone much of it is still just blocking the guy in front of.

I am really interested to hear from any other youth coaches on success stories or tips to outside or inside zone blocking. Inside run game new, 243 comments the first part of our indepth look into chip kellys offense breaks down his two primary inside run plays. Iowa has built in some running plays where they show zone blocking to one side or the other, but the running back uses counter run footwork and aims his path toward the opposite edge. They can run this out of the iformation on toss plays or handoffs, or when in a singleback formation. Though inside zone plays are usually called to the guard or tackle holes 3,4,6,or 7, they can break open anywhere from tight end to. There is the covereduncovered, the count system, the train tracks, the gap system, the wedge, etc and they all could work but which is the best. Shoot, my guys blocked inside zone so much that they were taking their steps and shooting their hands while they were getting ready to. A very simple explanation of the zone runs, and the. But, i would argue that while there is a lot of work that goes into it on the front end, the back end versatility actually saves you time. Wn 07201 inside zone blocking drills washburns oline play. Inside zone blocking is designed to use the movement of the defenders against them as the running back finds the crease in the defense. Tennessee, the insidezone, and the smashmouth spread. Helmet placement is more critical in zone blocking than footwork. What makes the inside zone play a 33 stack defense weakness is the ease with which offensive linemen can handle the stacks.

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