Duct tape survival books

Using surgical tape as a base the new invention soon became everybodys secret weapon. With its many survival uses, this is one tool that absolutely deserves a spot in your go bag, your home, your car, etc. It has a number of uses and can help you make emergency repairs to just about everything. There are so many uses for duct tape that not only should you put a roll in your bug out bag, you should also add several rolls to your main survival cache. Ust coreless duct tape rolls with hand tearable material and waterproof design for hiking, backpacking, camping and outdoor survival 3. Rebecca felix readers will learn how to create a variety of survival tools and gear as if they were stranded. Here are just 78 of the ways you can use duct tape for survival and. I found this to be an excellent book, using a large font, that is very easy to read and understand. Many youngsters have dabbled at one time or another with duct tape crafts, but this is one with a new twist. Story time just got better with prime book box, a subscription that delivers editorially handpicked childrens books every 1, 2, or 3 months at 40% off list price.

How to make your own portable pocketsized duct tape rolls. Read the duct tape book 25 projects to make with duct tape by jolie dobson available from rakuten kobo. The book is falling apart so i bound it up with some fluorescent green. It is a wonder material that should be in the bag of anyone into bushcraft,hiking. A collection showcasing the many uses and the important role duct tape has played in history. Duct tape survival gear create with duct tape kindle. Portable duct tape isnt a new ideaweve covered ways to put it on a key chain and in your wallet but the concept still has room for some adaptation. A wallet is one thing, but boots and mittens that can actually be worn are quite another.

With duct tape 911, learn firstaid skills in an interesting new way, and get littleknown tricks that will help you feel ready for whatever comes. Stay dry with a rain shield, keep your food cool in an insta. This book contains 25 fascinating, original new projects some useful, all fun to do that are sure to capture the attention of duct tape artists everywhere. Duct tape outdoor products for recreation and survival. A water clock use with ancient greece themed books vacation under the volcano. A few of the many ways duct tape can prove invaluable in an emergency or survival situation.

Duct tape survival gear by rebecca felix goodreads. Hubbard reveals easytofollow instructions for how to use duct tape to. I enjoyed this book and will never look at duct tape the same way again. Duct tape and paracord a do it yourself disaster survival guide 1st edition by gaslight dave leitner author. Hubbard teaches disaster medicine to people worldwide through popular books, videos, and seminarsand of course his frequented. The book is 32 pages, and appears to me to be aimed towards younger tweens. Duct tape was invented during world war ii when the military needed a strong, waterproof tape that could be used for emergency repairs.

Now, for the first time, hes compiled his best ducttape tips, plus neverbeforepublished techniques, to give you the ultimate medical duct tape survival guide. This is a megafun book that will teach kids of all ages how to make survival gear. The instructions are very easy, and precision is not essential. Easy to follow instructions and color photographs combine to guide anyone to producing unique and useful duct. Complete line of mres, first aid, blankets, tents, camping and outdoor gear. Duct tape is a great item to have in your survival kit. My favorite patterns were the ones for waterproof mittens and waterproof boots.

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